Monday, May 14, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge - Week 3

It's already Week 3 of the weight loss challenge and I am happy to say that I am down 11.5 pounds.

3 things have been key for me as I have continued to shed those unwanted pounds:

Daily Exercise
Meal Planning
Smart Choices

And I've managed to stick with the program despite the busy weekends that come along with the Spring season.  I spent this last weekend in a hotel in Pittsburgh packing Hannah up to bring her home for the summer, not exactly conducive to sticking with diet and exercise, but here are some tips to how I stuck with it.

I  took a lovely run through the neighborhood that I've pretty much only explored by car.  I have always found that it's much more interesting exploring new neighborhoods on foot than by car.   I didn't feel like running both days, so I checked out the "On Demand" section on cable and was able to find quite a few nice workouts, so I opted for a core workout right in my room, and I have to say, it was pretty challenging.  So, you see, there really is no excuse to miss a day.

Meal Planning:
Decide what you are going to make ahead of time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Look for new recipes or try to find ways to lighten up your old favorites.  Little things can help.  Try reduced fat salad dressings or make the switch to balsamic vinegar or lemon or lime juice.  If you drink 2% milk, change to skim, you can even make a nice creamy dish when you thicken skim milk.  Half and Half in your coffee? Try Skim Plus Half and Half, much less fat and calories.  All of these little things will add up. Explore your grocery store, read labels, see what's out there and remember to include lots of fruit, veggies and whole grains.

Smart Choices:
Again, spending the weekend in a hotel can be tough.  I made sure to pack some containers of yogurt for a breakfast as well as some fruit for snacking.  When choosing restaurants I scoped out the menus ahead of time, so I knew there would be healthy, yet still satisfying and delicious choices.  I made smart choices, didn't stuff myself and even had a few cocktails.  So no feelings of deprivation for me!

(The unexpected stop at Bob Evans on the drive home was challenging, especially for a non meat eater.  But a vegetable filled breakfast omelet with a side of fruit was not all bad.  I have now made a mental note to always eat before leaving Pittsburgh for the ride home, as the choices along the way leave much to be desired.)

As of last week I was tied for 4th place out of about 300 people...not to shabby!  Let's see what tomorrow brings when this weeks results are posted!

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