Monday, April 23, 2012

"Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels"

~ Kate Moss

Today marks day one of an 8 Week "Weight Loss Challenge".    $1000 to the Forum Fitness member who loses the greatest percentage of weight.  Game on! Summer bathing suit season was motivation enough for me, but throw in 1000 bucks to the winner and it really sweetens the pot.
So Forum Fitness...challenge accepted.

8 weeks to drop the weight equals 8 weeks of hard core diet and exercise.  I have confidence in myself that I can do this.  Why? Because I've done it before.  10 long years ago, I dropped 50, yes 50 pounds.  It took about 6 months of obsessive, compulsive diet and exercise.  People asked me, "How did you lose it?" with a hopeful look in their eyes that I had the easy, magic answer.  Unfortunately, my answer wasn't what they wanted to hear.  It was, "I did it the hard way".  Making smart food choices -  about every single morsel that went into my mouth.  And, of course, exercise - lots of it, every single day.  Oh, yes you can.  You just make it a priority,  like going to the market, going to work or going the doctor.  It becomes a non negotiable part of your schedule.  If you do these 2 very simple, yet very difficult things, you will lose weight.

My goal is not as lofty this time.  Dropping 20 pounds will make me more than happy, it will get me back to where I was 10 years ago.  It's not all about looking good.  It's about feeling good, being healthy and taking care of my body.

Care to join me?  The way I figure it, it's a win-win situation.  Even if I don't win the cash prize, getting healthy and looking slim and trim for the summer will be like winning the jackpot.

The next 8 weeks will obviously be filled with healthy cooking, so come back often and check out the recipes.  And I plan on coming up with many of my own versions of  'skinny girl' cocktails.  Dieting should certainly not be deprivation!

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