Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Product Spotlight - Crystal Light Mocktails

Lent is the season between Ash Wednesday and Easter which is a time of repentance for Christians.  In an effort to rededicate yourself to your faith, some sort of sacrifice is typically made.  This year, I decided to give up cocktails, all forms.  Now I haven't gone too public with that information until now, since I think there was a certain amount of doubt that I could stick to it, and because I write a Meals, Heels and COCKTAILS blog.  So far I have not fallen off the wagon, although I think I may have been a bit more difficult to live with the last 2 weeks!

Now, for me, cocktails are not just about having a drink.  It's the whole experience... mixing, shaking, rimming the glass, stuffing the olives, pouring into the pretty get the idea.  I've been amusing myself with mocktails, or alcohol free cocktails, the last two weeks to keep it interesting. But, sometimes you just don't want to go through the effort.

You can just imagine my delight when I walked into the supermarket the other day, and there on display, were 3 new Crystal Light Flavors.  Margarita, Pomtini, and Peach Bellini.  I picked up the Margarita and Pomtini and couldn't wait to get home and shake 'em up.

Both flavors were refreshing and delicious.  Now they didn't taste quite like the real thing, but if you throw some alcohol in there, who knows.  (I'll give it a try and report back after 4 1/2 very long weeks!).  Low sodium, sugar free, caffeine free, and just 5 calories per serving, these drinks are a guilt free pleasure.   They retail for about 3 dollars and each container makes 10 quarts.

For right now, they are serving the purpose of a no calorie, no alcohol, thirst quenching drink.  But I think they'll make a very nice addition to my summer cocktail repertoire.


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