Sunday, February 12, 2012

Restaurant Review - The DaVinci Room

It's nice to see something other than chain restaurants opening their doors in Bayonne.  The DaVinci room is a welcome addition to Bayonne's local restaurant scene.  They tout themselves as upscale fine Italian dining with a twist, and the restaurant lived up to its promise.  Local and organic ingredients are used whenever possible.  Decor is beautiful, service was excellent and the food did not disappoint. The $20 Pre-fixe menu that's available Tuesday through Thursday had a lot of great choices and is a deal that's just too good to pass up.
BBQ Pork "Panino"
 Our table of 4 ordered appetizers to share.  Arancini de Blanco (rice balls with Attiki honey) were beautifully presented but the cheese was a bit too sharp for our taste even with the honey to offset.  Two specials, Zucchini Frites and Mussels in Spicy red sauce were delicious.  The  highlight was BBQ Pork "Panino" which was their take on pulled pork, with a green apple slaw and espresso barbecue sauce, had great flavor and beautiful presentation.

Dueling vegetable Amuse Bouche
 A dueling vegetable amuse bouche was served between courses.  An asparagus and broccoli puree with wild mushrooms laced with truffle oil was so mouthwatering, it left you wanting more.
Shrimp Carciofi
Orange and Citrus Brushed Salmon
For our entrees, Carbonara Classica didn't disappoint; this classic take was prepared with bacon, egg and Pecorino Romano.  Vodka Siciliano was very good, although different from a typical creamy vodka sauce. It was rich and hearty with wild mushrooms. Oregano and Citrus Brushed Salmon served on a Spinach Fontina Phllyo Spiral and Butternut Squash Puree was also delicious.  The salmon was perfectly seared, presentation was excellent.  There was a hint of truffle to the dish, not overwhelming.  Dinner highlight was Shrimp Carciofi.  Served with cappelini, artichoke hearts, wild mushroom in a Citrus-Herb Brodette, the dish had wonderful, bright flavor and the shrimp were cooked to perfection. 
Cannoli Cheesecake
Dessert was a sampling of Espresso Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Cannoli Cheesecake.  The Marscapone cheesecake with a Cannoli Crust is worth a trip to the DaVinci Room for that alone!
Cocktails were nicely prepared. I do judge a restaurant by its olives and the martini's came with 3 large Queen olives (of course, blue cheese stuffed olives get the highest ranking!).  $8 martini's and $6 (nice big) glasses of wine were quite reasonable. Chef Arthur paid a visit to our table after our meal.  His passion for his food was evident from our conversation.  Pay him a visit, and tell him Meals, Heels and Cocktails sent you!
The DaVinci Room, 165 Broadway, Bayonne

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  1. As one of the guests, I can tell you the place was as wonderful as written. Went back the next day with the hubby. He had the chorizo crusted porkchop and it was huge and tender!!!